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Osteopathy is a manual system of diagnosis and treatment that aims to improve the physical functioning of the body. It aims to increase the mobility of the joints, release excessive tension in the muscles and to promote improved posture.

It recognises the wholeness of the human body, so any problem areas are seen in the context of the whole body frame, and treatment is provided wherever it is needed. It employs a wide range of techniques, including massage, joint stretching, mobilisation and manipulation.



Our goal is to provide the maximum therapeutic benefit as gently as we can. Osteopathy is ideal for the treatment of back pain, and muscle and joint problems generally.


Christian Scharsach has been providing osteopathic and naturopathic care to the people of Berkhamsted and the surrounding area since 1995. Since that time the practice has shown tremendous growth, primarily through word of mouth referral, and also through contacts with local GPs and health visitors


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