Case Studies

If you have read our patient testimonials, you already know how our patients feel about our work and the outcomes we achieve at our Berkhamsted dental practice. We want to show you real patient results for some of our treatments so you can see the Admiral House standards for various procedures.


The cases here are pictures of actual cases completed by the clinicians at Admiral House Dental Practice.

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Dental Implants

Case Implants A BeforeCase Implants A After
Case Implants B BeforeCase Implants B After

These are individual titanium retained teeth that are extremely strong and natural-looking. The pictures above show an implanted canine tooth in the upper right jaw (second from left). This picture shows an implanted premolar tooth (middle)

Metal-Free Fillings

Case Whitefilling B BeforeCase Whitefilling B After
Case Whitefilling A BeforeCase Whitefilling A After

We currently use the latest dental composite resins to restore damaged or decaying teeth. They are extremely durable and blend in with your natural enamel as you can see here.

Repairing Broken Teeth

Case Repairs A BeforeCase Repairs A After
Case Repairs B BeforeCase Repairs B After

These teeth were restored using a technique called composite bonding and took only one visit to achieve.

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

Case Crowns A BeforeCase Crowns A After
Case Crowns B BeforeCase Crowns B After

This case involved tooth whitening, painless laser gum recontouring, and a combination of metal-free porcelain crowns and veneers. New metal-free porcelain crowns and tooth whitening in four simple visits. Zirconia crowns (metal-free) revives leaking restorations.

Tooth Whitening

Case Homewhitening A BeforeCase Homewhitening A After
Case Homewhitening B BeforeCase Homewhitening B After

These results are patients who used home whitening kits provided by our practice and advised by our dental team.

Tooth Straightening

Case Straightening A BeforeCase Straightening A After
Case Straightening B BeforeCase Straightening B After

Most of these cases have been carried out using a revolutionary aesthetic brace system in six months or less. The system can be used to align most forms of crowding and spacing, including rotated and tilted teeth.


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