White Fillings Berkhamsted

Our dental team restores decayed teeth without metal. Instead, we use dental fillings that blend in with the colour of your teeth for a natural-looking result to give you a resilient smile.

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Tooth Decay Leads to Cavities

Patients require dental fillings when they get cavities. These are areas in the surface of the teeth caused by tooth decay; the areas are permanently damaged and can develop into tiny openings in your tooth, making the deeper layers of your teeth vulnerable. We need to address this damage quickly to avoid the cavity getting larger and causing further oral health issues, such as toothache, infection, and tooth loss from developing.

Cavities are a common problem that anyone can have. They occur from a combination of factors including mouth bacteria, insufficient daily tooth care, ingesting sugar, and more.

Benefits of White (Composite) Fillings

White fillings, also called composite fillings, are made of a blend of plastics and small glass particles. Our dentists match the fillings to your existing teeth for a result that looks and feels natural, which is the main advantage of white fillings.

We can use these composite fillings for restorative purposes on decaying teeth but also cosmetic improvements by re-shaping disfigured teeth. Fillings are generally completed in only one appointment (unless you have several cavities).

Tooth Filling Procedure at Our Practice

Filling cavities is a routine procedure for our dental team. Once our patients are comfortable, we start by giving a local anesthetic to numb the area and then we place a plastic dam around the tooth. Our dentist then removes the decay from your tooth, cleans the area, and creates a white filling that best matches your natural teeth.

We put bonding material inside the hole to secure the composite resin, which we apply in layers. Composites support your remaining tooth structure and insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes after it is placed. After each thin layer is applied, we use a special curing light over the tooth to harden the resin in place before applying the next layer.

Once the final layer is in place and hardened, we file, polish, and check the bite. When we determine it looks good and you confirm that it feels comfortable, the treatment is complete.

Caring for White Fillings

Though your white fillings are strong and wear-resistant, they still require care. The preventative maintenance you do at home goes a long way to taking care of your composite fillings and preventing new cavities from forming.

Be vigilant with your basic oral hygiene, brushing twice and flossing once each day. Do your best to avoid sugary foods and drinks to keep your mouth healthy. Protect the colour of your white fillings from foods that stain, such as blueberries, or habits that change the colour of your teeth, such as smoking.

Come back to see us every six months so we can note any changes to your oral health, give you a thorough cleaning, and any preventative maintenance you may require.


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